Can You Play Spotify at Your Business

However, you can opt for additional services such as more streaming quality, offline music downloads among many more upon upgrading to the paid subscription. How Businesses Use The Service Businesses can benefit from Spotify Business, a special service created for business owners. The service comes with a commercial license, just so you are cushioned from running afoul of the laws governing intellectual property and rights of these digital productions. Can You Play Spotify At Your Business? Spotify has made it possible, for the first time ever, for businesses to legally stream and download music from the service. This means your

This means your business is protected from any possible infringement on intellectual property laws and that you can now stream and play music and download any video content you want…but there’s a catch as we shall see much later. Aside from the mere fact of downloading and streaming, "Spotify Business’’, which is made possible by "Soundtrack Your Brand’’, also comes with additional features, the most notable of which is the "Music Schedule’’ feature that makes it possible for you to have a weekly schedule of your music playlists. How Do You Go About It? It is important to note that the law is still against using Spotify in public places such as stores, schools, pubs and restaurants as this is seen as commercializing the content with a view of gaining some undue advantages from it at the expense of the producers

Music at Work Improves Productivity

The lifting f the bans come from reading different studies that say that music can help motivate workers to doing better at their jobs. To these companies, music is no longer seen as a distraction but an aid to business if good guidelines are established.  Here is some science backing up how music can help productivity. Set a Music Policy To regulate what kind of music can be played and how loud it can be played a good music policy must be established by the company’s management. This policy can be made in several ways, one, and the easiest

Neighbor noise can affect productivity because it comes at a tone that breaks through the concentration of another worker whereby they are distracted from doing their job. A person who whistles while they work may find it relaxing and helps them to concentrate but to others it is nerve grating and ruins concentration